The 9-to-5 grind gets old fast. What are some other ways you can make a living without giving up your livelihood? Our advice: find a way to make money online.

There are more options for this than you might realize. Lots of people make money online with dropshipping businesses, blogging, taking online surveys, becoming a YouTube star, or taking on the gig economy. But the ones that make big bucks — we’re talking 7 figures or more per year! — are those that have a way to systematize and automate their earnings with very little daily effort.

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you and have found the six best ways to make money online — check out our top picks below.

Can I Really Make Legit Money Online?

Before we dive into the details, you might be wondering: can I make legit money online?

We get it — you’re hesitant. You’re cautious. You’ve probably been burned by schemes before. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of scams out there. It’s hard to tell the real ones apart from the phonies. 

But that’s exactly why we wrote this article. You can make real money online…

  • Without having to pay crazy fees up front
  • Without having to spend YEARS building a blog and SEO value
  • Without an audience
  • Without wasting your precious time working for someone else
  • Without the guesswork!

People are using the systems we’re about to show you every day to earn money online. 

So why isn’t everyone using them and quitting the normal working world?

Good question. While these online business ideas are legit ways to make money, they do take a little work to set up. It’s not like you can push a button and start making money. You’ve got to put in a llittle sweat equity first, and then enjoy the payouts for life. For many folks, getting started is the hardest part. 

But that’s the least of YOUR worries, right? You’re here, so you’re already interested in ways to make money from home. And you’re not going to let a little time and effort scare you away from achieving your money goals. Right? Good. 

How We Chose the Best Ways to Make Money Online

Our team at HWS believes that everyone should have access to life-changing information. That’s why we invest hours of research into hundreds of products. We do our due diligence on behalf of our readers so you can make informed decisions that won’t hold you back.

We present only the best products, services, and systems we find that live up to the high standards they claim. HWS has created an entire ecosystem of options in the health, wealth, and self-care space. We’re here to help you discover new and innovative ways to elevate all aspects of your life — and money plays a big role in living the life you deserve.

As we reviewed various money-making systems and online business ideas, we looked for several qualities:

  1. It has to be easy. 
  2. It has to be legitimate. 
  3. It has to work!
  4. It has to be profitable after taking any expenses into account.
  5. It has to be undersaturated (i.e., not too many people already doing it).

With these in mind, we dove deeper into the details to make sure that any system we’re recommending to you will live up to your expectations, too. 

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for ways to make money online and why we love them. 

1. Super System Affiliate Pro

Make Money Online

What do you have to do so that you never have to ask for a raise ever again?

This home-based business system was developed by John Crestani. Like you, he was fed up with the traditional workforce and being told what he was worth. His boss laughed in his face when he asked for a raise. The joke was on him — John developed this system and went on to make $388K that same year. 

Here’s the system in a nutshell:

It’s called the Super System Affiliate Pro, and it focuses on Profit Cycling. You test other people’s products that they make for profit and then resell them. You can promote these products by using free ad credits on major advertising sites like YouTube and Google. For example, Google might offer a $500 ad credit just to get you to try a PPC ad campaign. This allows you to start promoting these products with $0 from Day 1.

Why We Love This System:

  • You don’t have to create your own products (which takes a lot of time and work)
  • The product creator handles all the support, marketing, fulfillment, etc. to keep your costs ultra-low
  • You don’t need a lot of money to start
  • Scale your business as quickly as you want based on your budget
  • Make passive income — your ads are always working for you even when you’re sleeping, traveling, eating, or relaxing
  • You can start in just a few hours

Once you start earning money, you’ll have capital to reinvest in the exact same process to start building up your profits. Invest $100 to make $200, then spend $200 to make $400, and so on until you reach your financial goals. This is why it’s called “Profit Cycling.” And it works. Big time.

2. E-commerce Empire Academy

Make Money OnlineE-commerce is a lucrative market. In the US alone, it’s worth an estimated $9.09 trillion, and that number is growing hand over fist each year. So what’s stopping most people from selling online if there’s so much money at stake?

A few things, actually. 

First, e-commerce is highly competitive. It’s no longer a matter of selling in local or even national markets. It’s become a global marketplace, which means consumers have more options than ever before. Small business owners are going up against huge global brands like Amazon and Walmart, who take the lion’s share of online sales. It’s not easy for small fish to get noticed in big oceans.

Second, there’s the matter of physical product inventory. When you want to run a strictly online business from your home, eCommerce doesn’t always fit into this mold. Having physical products on hand means you’ll need lots of space to store inventory and packaging materials, then have enough space left over to fulfill orders. 

And finally, there’s the matter of having enough time to grow your business while also working in it. When you’re an eCommerce store owner running a business from your home, you usually don’t have lots of employees helping you. That cuts into your profitability, plus you need to provide them with adequate working conditions (e.g., not a space in your home). You can’t focus on marketing and growth when you’re logging in inventory and shipping sold merchandise.

That’s why we recommend the E-Commerce Empire Academy system. It removes many of the traditional headaches of running an e-Commerce business from home. 

Creator Peter Pru designed a 5-page e-Commerce funnel that lets you copy and paste various products for ongoing sales success. It removes the guesswork from selling products online, plus you never have to keep inventory, run ads, or maintain a website.

Why We Love This System:

  • You don’t need physical products to sell
  • You don’t need a website or other costly marketing tools
  • You don’t have to pay for ads
  • Competitors like Walmart and Amazon can’t touch you
  • You don’t need any experience

You can get started with this system by first attending a free Master Class, then start driving traffic to your products within 30 minutes after launching.


3. Millionaire Society

Make Money Online

Lots of people make decent livings with online business ideas. But the one thing that separates someone making $100k and someone making $1M or more in online revenue is — TIME. 

Your time is finite. There’s only so much work you can feasibly accomplish in a day. And if you’re not scaling your time or putting some of your work on autopilot, you’re either never going to make it into the 2-comma-club or you’re going to have to charge a LOT for your products or services. That second option only works if people are willing to pay those prices.

A better approach is to find ways to make passive income online so that you’re not just trading time for money. 

That’s where the Millionaire Society comes in. This online money-making system teaches you how to start making a six-figure salary and beyond. 

Think about the traditional ways of making money online. First, you need to decide what to sell and who to sell it to. Then you need to choose a niche, build an audience, establish your authority, create a product or find products to sell… the list is endless! When do you actually start making money this way??

The simple answer is that people can take months or even years trying to get all of these pieces into place and still have no revenue to show for it. 

The Millionaire Society is different because it skips most of this stuff and gets right to the good part — the money.

Why We Love This System:

  • You don’t need technical expertise or any sales experience
  • It’s completely turnkey — start making money fast
  • It trades all the traditional business advice for making money online for a MUCH simpler system

Get ready to launch as soon as you watch a 15-minute video. 

4. Perpetual Income 365

While many people in e-Commerce are fighting against big retailers like Amazon, savvy online retailers are teaming up with them. Let’s face it, it’s hard to beat Amazon and the platform they’ve created. The company has changed consumer expectations for shipping speeds, customer service, and product variety. There’s just no easy way to compete.

So when you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or at least steal their playbook.

The Perpetual Income 365 online money-making system shows you exactly how to do this by using the same formula that has made Jeff Bezos billions of dollars. You can make anywhere to 5 to 7 figures every MONTH by using the same psychological methods that Amazon and other top companies are using. 

Why We Love This System:

  • This method teaches the why behind what leads to successful selling
  • Make it almost impossible for people to walk away without buying
  • No technical skills or online sales experience required
  • Get a full-time income that’s recession proof

This system is great for anyone regardless of age, current income, or education. You can get free access to the system and learn how to get started. 


5. Mobile and Tablet App Testing

In 2007, apps were the hot new thing. The use of apps has only become more widespread over time. And now, many entrepreneurs are saying that having your own app is the key to ongoing growth and success. 

This has given way to yet another way to make money online — test other people’s apps. Unlike some of our other systems in this list, mobile and tablet app testing isn’t promising to make you a six-figure salary or better. However, it does pay anywhere from $25 to $35 per hour, which can give you a comfortable full-time salary or extra pocket money to support your full-time earnings.

Why We Love This System:

  • No skills or background knowledge required
  • No app development or coding
  • Simple, straightforward money making
  • Work remotely
  • Easy work!

App testers will download a variety of apps, from games to productivity apps and more. Test all the features, then write up a review. The businesses can expand their reach based on your reviews, which is why they’re willing to pay a tidy sum for your opinions.

6. The Easiest System Ever 

We’re all about easy here at HWS, which is why we saved the best for last — the Easiest System Ever. Really!

The people behind the Easiest System Ever spent seven years and $40,000 perfecting it. They discovered the real reason why most people struggle to make money online, and then they eliminated it. The system shows you how to build a fully automated online business. Set it up and let it make you money.

Why We Love This System:

  • Make sales while you sleep
  • Get started quickly (in less time than it takes to get pizza delivery)
  • Copy the system, step by step
  • Start making money for free

Now, you might not make serious cash on your first day. Lots of newbies start making an extra $100 or $200 a day. But that’s just the beginning. It gets better with time. And soon you’ll have to decide whether to quit your day job and enjoy more free time or just pocket the extra cash.

Tips for Making Online Money Systems Work for You

You can follow a system to a T, but there are other ways that you might fall short of your expectations. We call these “asteroids” because they’re outside influences that can hit you out of nowhere and cause minor or significant damage to your path to financial freedom. 

Now that you’ve got some excellent options to make money online, here are a few things you can do to help you avoid getting hit by an asteroid. 

Focus on making $1, not $1M.

You can use a money-making system to make millions, but don’t start dreaming there. Instead, we suggest focusing on making your first $1. It’s a much easier goal to achieve. And once you achieve it, you’ll have momentum to help you make your next $1. And more. 

Research different systems and find the best one for you.

There are a lot of different money-making systems out there, and it can be tough to find the best one for you. You’ll want to research a few different options and find the one that has the most potential and will give you the lifestyle and work style you want. You’ll also need to make sure that the system is something you’re willing to put in the time and effort for.

Be patient, as it may take some time to see results.

Even turnkey systems can take a little effort to set up and learn from all angles. Be patient and don’t give up too soon, as these methods have been proven to give you results.

Stay motivated by setting goals and tracking your progress.

Remember why you started with an online money-making system in the first place. Maybe it was financial freedom, time freedom, or getting to work from anywhere. Whatever it is, keep those goals in mind. Set benchmarks to track your progress. You might be moving the needle more than you realize!

Don’t let others’ opinions stop you from reaching your goals.

Last but not least, make sure you surround yourself with supportive people. Don’t allow their skepticism stop you from building wealth and the life you deserve. You have a dream, now go make it real!

For more insights on health, wealth, and self, head back to the HWS Headquarters.